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Internet Marketing Company Open for Business

Web Design Greenville SC

web design greenville sc

Internet Marketing Company

Grow Your Business With Online Marketing

Bigfoot Media is a web design company in Greenville SC that offers an impressive suite of website marketing solutions to help your business reach its’ full potential.

How? By leveraging the latest web marketing technologies and consumer behavior trends to help you find and capture your targeted audience.

Bigfoot Media begins with an initial consultation to get an understanding for your business, market, and target audience before ever recommending any services or options. They take a listen and learn approach before any strategy is created so that the full scope of your business is considered.

Internet Marketing Greenville SC

Here comes the fun part. Bigfoot Media gathers all information, and begins the preliminary research based off of your initial meeting to start putting together a game-winning strategy. This strategy will then incorporate a number of internet marketing tools and techniques to help you reach your campaign goals.

Here are a couple of internet marketing services that Blue Bigfoot Media offers:     

Web Design Company

Get Online with a Professional Website

The very foundation of your online presence undoubtedly begins with a website. This is your home base and the central focal point where your targeted traffic is to be driven. Make it count!

Luckily, Bigfoot Media is an incredible web design company with a team of graphic designers and developers that can help you perfect your website design. They are based out of Greenville, SC, but serve clients across the nation.

Web Design Greenville SC

Their team builds websites out of the same content management systems (CMS) that widely known Fortune 500 companies like Ebay, Ford, and Sony also use.

Why does this matter? Well, have you ever wanted to change something simple like a picture on your own website? Remember how hard it was to get your “computer guy” to make the changes in a timely manner leaving you wishing you could do it yourself? Now you can!

CMS systems are so easy to use that you can make website changes in a matter of minutes. This is why Blue builds websites around the CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, & WordPress. Give ’em a call and they’ll show you how easy it really is.

SEO Company

Get Found with Professional Search Engine Optimization

What is an internet marketing company without SEO? Nothing. Search engine optimization is that crucial skill-set that website marketing companies need to master in order to effectively help their clients.

It’s no surprise that everyone is turning to Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find information. Your business needs to be there also. That’s why Blue Bigfoot Media is a professional seo company that helps businesses everywhere reach their target audience using search engine marketing.

SEO Greenville SC

Your business will either get found or get lost in the search engine results. You cannot afford to pass up on this business. Call a online marketing firm that can help you get found.

Areas Served

Serving clients across the great nation of USA. Locally serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Clemson, Seneca, Easley, Powdersville, Pickens, and the surrounding areas.

There you have it. Bigfoot Media is the internet marketing company that you’ve been looking for. From website design to SEO, Bigfoot can do it all for your business.

Give them a call today or visit their website for more info.

Bigfoot Media
21 Simmons Ave
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 214-5504

Awnings in Greenville SC – R&R Canvas Awnings

Custom Awnings

Awnings Greenville SC

If one is looking for awnings in Greenville, then an educated search should lead them to nowhere else than R&R Canvas Awnings. The people of R&R Canvas awnings possess over 15 years of experience providing awnings and canopies to Upstate South Carolina. R&R Canvas Awnings has been in the business for over 15 years, delivering customized awnings and canopies to businesses throughout South Carolina, Georgina, North Carolina and Tennessee. Based out of Greenville, SC, R&R is centrally located to help customers all over the Southeast.

R&R specializes in creating all sorts of custom awnings, commercial awnings, back-lit awnings, canopies, metal awnings, vinyl awnings, canvas awnings,  retractable awnings, residential awnings, and much more. R&R’s legitimacy can be spoken for by several high-profile clients, such as State Farm, EconoLodge, and CVS Pharmacy. Stop looking for awnings in Greenville SC, and give R&R Canvas Awnings a call.

Commercial Awnings

Commercial Awnings are a great and affordable way to give one’s business a professional edge, UV protection, and defense against the elements. R&R Canvas Awning’s professional designers and installers ensure that the commercial awnings purchased from them always help your business look its best.

R&R Commercial Awnings creates special custom awnings for any type of project, budget, and time constraints. R&R provides a healthy number of different custom awnings, and the styles are as follows:

  • Concave
  • Backlit + Pop-Up
  • Convex
  • Patio Canopy
  • Dome
  • Entrance Canopy
  • Straight Slope
  • Pyramid Cabana
  • Casement
  • Straight with Hip Ends
  • Rounded Edge
  • Elongated Dome
  • Sign Box

Residential Awnings

R&R specializes in crafting the perfect custom awning for the home. Whether it be vinyl or canvas, it isn’t beyond the company’s scope. One can begin enjoying their own patio, porch, or backyard to the fullest with an awning or canopy from R&R.

Residential awnings can actually save the homeowner energy by providing shade, which can reduce the temperature by up to 15 degrees. With just a little bit of cover, one can save on energy costs in a way that they never even believed possible.

Specialty Awnings

R&R Canvas Awnings can create a customized design to fit the needs for any special event that the guest has in mind.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can work wonders in extending one’s living space just by giving the home a simple, special touch. While providing UV protection, energy savings, and good cover for all of the outdoor festivities, retractable awnings are an excellent way to help you enjoy the outdoors again.

Storefront Awnings

R&R provides a storefront awning installation service in order to show off one’s business and brand while also providing a considerable amount of cover and UV protection from the damaging elements. In addition to protection from the elements, a storefront awning saves the owner money by keeping the storefront cool. R&R Canvas Awnings can print custom awnings that can vary from virtually any size, shape, or design that the client so desires.

Contact and Location

R&R Canvas Awnings
6 Smokehouse Drive, SC 29681
(864) 422-0444